Artists Bio

Vicki Nerino I heard about some chick the other day. She makes weird comics about animal mating habits and boobies and awkward dates and stuff like that. I heard that she likes to paint old people and butts and stuff. I also heard that she really loves watching people read her comics and look at her paintings because they make super awesome faces of fear and shock and shame and a whole lot of disgust. I’m not sure if it’s true, ’cause I mean, that’s just what I heard. I forget her name though.

Britt Wilson was born under the sea and spent her formative years collecting shiny things and singing show tunes with crustaceans. But soon her carefree life was disturbed by dreams of paint and ink. She found that living life underwater seriously inhibited the use of water soluble pigments. To save money she commuted until she earned her BAA in Illustration from Sheridan College, and now lives on dry land full-time, comicking comics and painting paintings.

Roben Nieuwland is a Toronto based artist whose creative process incorporates rummaging through old rusted machinery, old wallpaper scrapbooks, and old derelict signs- the older the better. Working primarily in mixed media and using anything from collage to delicate fabric impressions to crude metal stencils, his decorative and textural work can be seen in both gallery and commercial outlets.

Selena Wong is an illustrator and artist, born in Hong Kong under the sign of the twins. Like the urban environment of her place of birth, Selena’s work reflects the petit surroundings, the places tucked away, forgotten, and removed from reality. Interested in superstition, folklore and the fantastical, Selena’s meticulously detailed translations of her daydreams and nightmares are both playful and disturbing. She currently works and lives in Toronto with her Netherland dwarf rabbit.

Ale Diaz was born in Mexico City. She grew up in what Andre Breton, the father of Surrealism, called “the surrealist country by nature”, among colorful houses and impossible streets. She came to Canada to study art as a commercial practice and graduated from the Bachelor of Applied Arts Illustration program at Sheridan College in 2008. Her decision to leave the benign climates of Mexico is often questioned but it is part of her life journey as an illustrator, fine artist and individual seeking un-walked roads. She is currently exhibiting and selling her art in the GTA.

Ilichna Morasky is a Chilean born, Brampton raised artist who enjoys eating, doodling hair, staring at plant life, dreaming, sleeping, dreaming while sleeping, the strangely familiar, and tea… all to excess.

Ty Dunitz You’re going to die. Probably soon. But don’t worry – nothing you’ve ever done matters, and the universe is only going to freeze solid in 40 billion years anyway. If there is a god, it is entropy, and Ty’s only wish is that you never, ever forget.

He also likes chocolate milk, Jenga and ladies. In that order.

Eric Overton is a freelance illustrator and designer living in Toronto. Specializing in the music industry and the non-profit sector, his work can be seen on posters, on CD covers, on billboards, and on gallery walls. With a keen eye for portraiture and caricature, Eric’s artwork spans myriad styles and approaches in both digital and traditional media. His work can be seen at

Hyein Lee is an Engineer turned an Illustrator, who used to not like her job. She gave up her big fat paycheque to pursue her dream as an illustrator. She is poor now, but somehow a lot happier. Her clients include: Canadian Family, Tidings, Shameless, Ricepaper, Crow Toe Quarterly, Applied Arts and Cossette.

Franzisca Barczyk has a Hungarian background and was born in Germany with her twin sister on a September morning. She moved with half of her family to Toronto Canada in 1996. A few years later she enrolled at the University of Toronto for General Arts and Science but soon found that she would be happier pursuing a career in Illustration. She attended the Ontario College of Art and Design and graduated in 2008. With her free spirited style she has found work in the opposite designing maps, website design, logos and has done two design internships one with Parishil design studio and one with enRoute magazine in Montreal. Furthermore she has had the chance to exhibit her Illustrations around Toronto and continues to work on her style.


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